A Friend in Need
Characters Involved Rex Chance, Lucy Willing, Velika La Pette
Date June 20, 1937
Location Isla Ligatio
Previous Next
Flying Machines The Wicked Sky Witch
A Friend in Need is the seventh mission of the Campaign.

It starts on June 20th 1937 when Rex and Lucy lands on Isla Ligatio after hearing Velika has been kidnapping the Villagers in the area. The two visits the closest village where the last of the villagers tells them where they'll find the kidnapped villagers.

The player will need to build an army that can swim across the water to the nearby island to destroy all the structures to the west. When this is done the villagers will be free, but they will not go home without escorte.

The player will have to clear out the way ahead before the villagers will move. For each village they reach they will award Rex with a new animal to their creature combining. First they will give Rex a Piranha then a Bat, a Hornet and finnally a Snapping Turtle.

In the epiloge, one of the Henchmen tells Rex and Lucy Velika wanted to use the villagers for her experiments. Rex then decides that they'll have to deal with Velika once and for all.


  • Free the villagers held captive at the temple by destroying the enemy structures and bamboo fences surrounding them.
  • Get all the villagers back to their villages. The villagers only feel safe when they are near flaming savannah heads. Destroy all the enemies surrounding the flaming savannah heads and the villagers will move to it.

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