A creature's abilities are shown in the Army Builder.

An ability is an special attack that a unit can perform. It distinguish from normal attacks by the fact that it has extraordinary effects in the unit or its surrounding opponents. It might make an unit stronger, give it additional advantage upon others or inflict extra damage higher than normal attacks.

They can only be carried by animals and creatures. Rex Chance is only human exception, due to his exposition to the radiation of the Sigma Technology.

Abilities will manifiest according to the units´s physical attributes and it can affect the entire body or just one part of it a unit. While in the Combiner, creatures will adquire the abilities of each animal you choose by equipping them with the respective Body Part that it is located.

Types of abilitiesEdit

Normal abilities will be used at the instant the unit attack or is attacked. Some will only be activated on at Player's desire. These are called "triggered abilities". Abilities can be found in the animals used to build creatures. At the moment of building creatures, this can be useful to discriminate between both animals' abilities.



Animal(s) Body Part(s)

(Insect Invasion)

Units can instantly eliminate 1 single target. The unit must be within melee range for Assasinate to work. This ability uses the unit's endurance. Wasp Tail
Barrier Destroy Creature does more damage when attacking buildings and fencesHercules BeetleLobster, Scorpion Pincers, Head
Camouflage Invisible to most units. Becomes visible for short periods when attacking or using special abilities. Countered by: Keen Sense, Radar Pulse, Sonar Pulse, Anti Air Towers.

Chameleon, Rattlesnake, Walking Stick

Charge Attack Unit will charge into close combat, increasing its movement speed for a good distance to the target and doing extra damage for the first attack. Flying and raged units cannot use this ability. BullElephant, Hippopotamus, Ram, Rhinoceros, Warthog Back Legs
Defile Land

(Insect Invasion)

Unit can spread a camouflaged filth along the ground as it moves. Enemies and allies who step into the filth are slowed and damaged. This ability is minimum Level 4. Units with Loner are automatically Level 4 or higher. Countered by: flyers, Keen Sense, Immunity, Digging. Bat, Cockroach Back Legs
Deflection Armour

(Insect Invasion)

Unit will sometimes reflect direct-ranged attacks that strike its armor back at its attacker. Countered by: melee, artillery. Hercules Beetle, Shield Bug Torso
Digging Unit can burrow. While burrowed it is undetectable to most unit and takes less damage from attacks, but does not regenerate endurance, and cannot attack or use special abilities. Flying units and units in water cannot use this ability. Countered by: Keen Sense, Sonar Pulse, Anti Air Towers, Piercing Attacks.

AntGiant Anteater, Lemming

Front Legs
Disorientating Barbs

(Insect Invasion)

Unit occassionally releases a cloud of barbs from its tail when it is struck, which irritate the senses of attackers, disorientating the attackers and eliminating their organizational abilities, such as Pack Hunter or Herding. Countered by: ranged attacks, artillery. Tarantula, Porcupine Tail
Electric Burst Massive electrical discharge that damages all units within a radius around the unit. Weakness: Only works at point blank range, DAMAGE ALLIED UNITS! Electric Eel Tail

(Insect Invasion)

Unit can temporarily blind opponents within a set radius for itself. Affected range or artillery unit will lose their range and artillery attacks. Careful, this affects allied units as well! This ability uses the unit's endurance. The larger the user, the larger the area of effect. Firefly Tail
Flight Unit can fly. Cannot be attacked by close combat ground or water units. Immune to Stink Cloud. Vulnerable to Anti Air Towers and ranged units. Bat, Condor, Dragonfly, Eagle, Firefly, Hornet, RavenSnowy OwlVulture, Wasp Wings
Frenzy When triggered unit does more damage and moves a bit faster. Weakness: Takes more damage from enemy attacks.

Great White Shark, Piranha, Vulture, Wolverine

Herding Defensive bonus when near at least 3 other units of the sames species. Countered by: Horns, ranged attacks (Porcupine quills specially). Bull, Elephant, Gorilla, Hippopotamus, Musk Ox, Ram, Warthog Inherent
High Endurance Unit regenerates its endurance faster, allowing certain special abilities that require endurance to be used more often. It also negates movement penalties that occur due to Stink CloudPoison, Sonic Attack and Soundbeam Towers. AnacondaCamel, Horse, Wolf, Zebra Torso
Horns Reduces the target creature's defense rating when in close combat. Bull, Elephant, MooseMusk Ox, Ram, Rhinoceros, Warthog, Walrus, Woolly Mammoth Head

(Insect Invasion)

Unit can unsheath wings from beneath its torso shell and fly short distances, landing on the ground when arriving at its destination. This ability uses the unit's endurance. Countered by: Anti Air Towers. Behemoth, Bombardier Beetle, Cockroach, Hercules Beetle Torso


Unit is immune to Stink Cloud, Poison, and Plague. The unit is also immune to poison effects applied through other abilities, like Poison Touch and Venom Spray. Ant, Dragonfly, Great White Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Hornet, Praying Mantis, Shield Bug Inherent

(Insect Invasion)

Unit can burrow inside an enemy structure never to be seen again, causing massive damage to the structure during a period of time. Termite Head
Keen Sense Unit can detect camouflaged and digging units. Strategically beneficial against: camouflage and digging.

Coyote ,Hammerhead Shark, Hyena, Wolf

Leap Attack Unit can leap into close combat, doing extra damage on its first attack, and guarenteeing that it attacks first. Flying and ranged units cannot use this ability. Cheetah, Kangaroo, Lioness, Mountain Lion, Panther, Praying Mantis, Tiger Back Legs

(Insect Invasion)

Unit gains substancial bonus to attack and defense when fighting alone, without any allies nearby. This ability is minimun Level 4. Units with Loner are automatically Level 4 or higher. Anaconda, Black Widow, Giant Anteater, Panther Tail
Pack Hunter Attack bonus when near at least 3 other units of the same species. Countered by: ranged attacks.

BaboonChimpanzee, Hyena, Lioness, Piranha, Raven, Wolf

Plague Unit can pass on a damaging plague when it attacks in close combat. The plague spreads to any nearby enemy creatures and the carrier is immune. This attack is most effective against masses of small, weak units. Countered by: Immunity, ranged attacks.

Cockroach, Rat

Poison Damages and partially paralyzes enemy units, slowing their movement rate and reducing damage they do for a limited period of time. Countered by: Immunity, multiple attacking units. Black Widow, Hornet, Komodo Dragon, Rattlesnake, Scorpion, Wasp Head or Tail
Poison Touch Unit poisons all enemies that touch it. Poison damages and partially paralyzes enemy units, decreasing the target unit's movement speed and the amount of damage it can inflict on enemy units. Countered by: Immunity, ranged attacks.

Komodo Dragon, Poison Frog

Quill Burst Massive quill discharge that damages all units within a radius around the unit. This attack partially ignores the defense of the affected units. Weakness: Only works at point blank range, DAMAGE ALLIED UNITS!


Regeneration When damaged, unit heals itself.

Chameleon, Lobster, Komodo Dragon, Rattlesnake, Walking Stick

Sonar Pulse Reveals any area of the map for viewing for a short period of time. Reveals the location of camouflaged units and burrowed digging units. Strategical benefit against: camouflage and digging.

Bat, Killer Whale, Sperm Whale

Stink Cloud Creates a short-lived stink cloud that stuns enemy units and makes all units within the cloud immune to range and artillery attacks. Countered by: Immunity, flyers, High Endurance.

Shield Bug, Skunk

Swimming Unit can swim. Anaconda, Archerfish, Crocodile, Dolphin, Electric Eel, Garfish, Great White Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Hippopotamus, Killer Whale, Lobster, Piranha, Polar Bear, Snapping Turtle, Sperm Whale, Walrus Torso or Tail
Web Throwing

(Insect Invasion)

Unit can throw web that traps all enemies within an area around the target. This ability is minimum Level 3. Units with Web Throwing are automatically Level 3 or higher. Black Widow, Garden Spider Tail

Abilities such as Herding are "Inherent", meaning they can be passed on even if none of the animal's body parts are used.

Swimming and Flight will only appear once you had selected which animals you want to combine to build your creature.

Animals without abilitiesEdit

Although we might think all animals should have an ability to be given to the creatures we might build, there is some animals that don't have abilities at all, but instead they offer some powerful attacks to deal Melee or Range damage, as well as better Defense, Health, Sight Radius, Speed, Size or a lower Research Level. These are the following animals: