Amphibious are animals that move in water and land. 


Amphibious unlike swimmer animals when they find land in front of them, will walk on it as ground animals and if they encounter water when they're in land, they will start swimming as swimmer animals would do. All amphibious can attack with Bite and some have other extra attacks. They can have many or none abilities.   

Creature Building Edit

When combined each other to create creatures they can be used as Ground Units and as Water Units at the same time, also called Amphibious Units. This can happen when a ground animal is combined with a swimmer animal. Nevertheless, an animal can be amphibous itself.

When building creatures in the Creature Combiner, the Player can turn its creature into amphibious with 50% chance combining a land animal with a water animal or an Amphibious animal. This porcentual chance is given by the fact the final combination would be half of each animal.

To make the Creature Amphibious you have the put the Legs, Torso or Tail (just attaching 1 of the 3 is enough) to it, so it will adquire the same Ability of the material animal to swim. Animal's body parts giving this Ability will have the "SWIMMING" text written next to it. When given this Ability, their summary will show its Land Speed and its Water Speed.

Combining 2 material animals, both Amphibious, will give 100% chance of the creature to become Amphibious. Due to both animals are Amphibious, no matter how you arrange every caracteristic of each material animal; the Creature will be Amphibious.

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