Animals are multicellular organisms that live within the ecosystems. Humans have used other animals for food, trading, etc. Dr. Eric Chanikov combined various animals with the newly developed Sigma Technology.


Along the history, the human were able to domesticate some species, while the others remained in the wild life. Domesticated animals became more dependent of the human care and lost their skills to survive by their own. Some animals became very valuable in the market, for their exotic characteristics, that were hunted down by men, leading to the extinction of many species. The use for the feeding of the humankind led to some species to the induced breeding in purpose of killing them once they reach adulthood in order to collect their meat.

Mixing animal speciesEdit

With the competence of political ideals, war was starting to emerge between countries and so led to the research of more advanced weapons inside the countries in support of the capitalism and the ones in support of the communism. In 1908, Eric Chanikov with Nikola Tesla tested the "Death Ray", a Tesla's invention, which made a huge explosion from which the Sigma Technology emerged, being only a single creature chamber. With this new discovered technology, the DNA of two different animals could be combined to create a new lifeform that share the characteristics of both, making a creature that has never been seen in nature. After many decades, Eric was able to improve the creature chamber and, in addition, invented new units and structures in order to work along with the creatures as a military force, improving their skills and fighting with them in a more passive form.