Attack is the action of inflicting direct damage to the opponent. It is use to defeat and defend against fight enemy units. Units can inflict melee damage or range damage depending of the attack made. According to its physical attributes, an units can have one or more attacks.

Description Edit

The action of attack will be executed by the unit if it sees an enemy, is threatened or is ordered to attack. A unit can attack only one target at a time and, if there are two or more units, they can attack all the same target  together. If don´t stopped, they will continue to fight until the enemy is dead or it gets killed by the enemy.

Melee DamageEdit

Melee attacks are done by hand to hand combat. Units will have to get close to enemies to perform them. The melee attacks that can be found in units are the following:

Melee Attack Description Animal(s) Body Part
Bite Unit can bite opponents. AnacondaAnt, Archerfish, Armadillo, Baboon, Bat, Behemoth, Black Widow, Bombardier BeetleCamel, ChameleonCheetahChimpanzee, CockroachCoyote, DolphinDragonflyCrocodileEagle, Electric Eel, Firefly, Garden Spider, Giant AnteaterGarfish, GiraffeGorillaGrizzly Bear, Gorilla, Great White Shark, Hammerhead SharkHippopotamus, HornetHorseHyena, Kangaroo, Killer WhaleKomodo DragonLemmingLionessLobsterMountain Lion, Panther, Piranha, Porcupine,Poison Frog, Polar BearPraying MantisRat, Rattlesnake, Scorpion, Shield BugSkunk, Snapping Turtle, Sperm Whale, Spitting CobraSnowy Owl, Tarantula, TermiteTiger, Walking StickWalrus, WaspWolf, WolverineZebra Head

(Insect Invasion)

The Anaconda can crush opponents with its torso. Anaconda Torso

(Insect Invasion)

The Hercules Beetle can crush opponents with the pincers on its head. Hercules Beetle Head
Claws Unit can swipe at opponents.

Cheetah, Giant Anteater, Grizzly Bear, Lioness, Mountain Lion, Polar Bear, Panther, Tiger, Wolverine

Front Legs
Gore Unit can gore opponents. Bull, Elephant, Moose, Musk Ox, RamRhinocerosWoolly Mammoth Head
Grapple (Insect Invasion) The Tarantula can grapple opponents with its pedipals. ...You know, those little feeler thingies next to its face? They are not really legs, but they're not antennae, either? Eh, you know what I'm talking about. Tarantula Pincers
Head-Butt The Warthog can head-butt opponents. Warthog Head
Kick Unit can use its legs to kick opponents. Giraffe, Horse, Kangaroo, Zebra Back Legs
Leg Attack The Ant can use its legs to hit opponents. Ant Front Legs
Peck Unit can peck opponents. CondorRaven, Vulture Head
Pincers Unit can use its pincers against opponents. Lobster, Scorpion Pincers
Pummel Unit can hit a pummel opponents. Baboon, Chimpanzee, Gorilla Arms
Sting Unit can use its poisonous sting against opponents. Hornet, Wasp Tail
Swipe The Komodo Dragon can scratch and swipe opponents. Komodo Dragon Front Legs
Swoop Attack The Dragonfly can  swoop down on opponents. Dragonfly Front Legs
Tail Strike The Porcupine can use its quill covered tail against opponents. Porcupine Tail
Tail Swipe The Crocodile can pummel opponents with its tail. Crocodile Tail
Talons Unit can swoop down on opponents. Eagle, Raven, Snowy Owl Back Legs

Range DamageEdit

Ranged attacks can be perform by units from safe distances. They consist in sort of projectiles thrown to the enemy, sometimes don´t letting any chance to the enemy of any responding attack. The range attacks that can be found in units are the following:

Ranged Attack Description Animal(s) Body Part
Chemical Artillery

(Insect Invasion)

The Bombardier Beetle can launch volatile chemicals over a very long distance, doing damage to all units and structures in the area of impact. RANGE (meters): 55  Bombardier Beetle Tail
Lightning Attack The Electric Eel can fire bolts of lightning to attack units from a safe distance. RANGE (meters): 16 Electric Eel Head
Quill Throw The Porcupine can throw its quills to attack units from a safe distance. This attack causes piercing damage, which cuts down the enemy defense. RANGE (meters):16 Porcupine Head
Rock Artillery The Chimpanzee can throw rocks that shatter when they land, hurting all other units in the are of impact. RANGE (meters): 22 Chimpanzee Arms
Sonic Attack Unit can use its natural sonar ability to damage and stun opponents from a safe distance. RANGE (meters):18-22 Dolphin, Killer Whale, Sperm Whale Head
Tongue Attack Unit can shoot its long tongue out to attack enemies from a safe distance. RANGE (meters): 16 Chameleon, Giant Anteater, Poison Frog Head
Venom Spray The Spitting Cobra can spray its venom to attack opponents from a safe distance. This causes damage in adittion to poisoning the target. RANGE (meters): 16 Spitting Cobra Head
Water Artillery The Archerfish can shoot water 'bombs' that hurt all other units in the area of impact. RANGE (meters): 20 Archerfish Head

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