Pincers are the most common body parts known to had give Barrier Destroy

Barrier Destroy is the ability that allows a unit to do more damage to when attacking structures or fences and be inmune to the damage done by Bramble Fences.


Units with Barrier Destroy will tend to destroy all kind of structures and kill enemy units faster than other units, especially when attack in group. It can make weak units very powerful.


Barrier Destroy is a rare ability no much units have, usually having pincers are the key factor for the units to have it.

Strategic ValueEdit

With Barrier Destroy equipped on your units, it will be easy for you target specific buildings and destroy them quickly before enemy units can be able to give an effective response. One way you can use them is to destroy henchmen's Workshops, as they will destroy the building and kill the gathering henchmen very quickly.

Creatures with this ability last for a long time in battle after having killed several creatures. That is why only few of them can make good defense against many attaking waves of enemies, especially when its hard to get coal to build backup creatures.

Animals with Barrier DestroyEdit

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