During a game, a number of cheats may be used. They're available in the campaign, and may be enabled for a multiplayer skirmish before the game. The console in which to enter the cheats is activated with a key, depending on the keyboard; most Anglophone keyboards use the tilde (~) key. The cheats are as follows:

  • cheat_coal( ... ) gives the player an amount coal, equal to the value within the parenthesis, but no more than 65,535, or 216 – 1.
  • cheat_electricity( ... ) similarly gives the player an amount of electricity.
  • cheat_buildings ignores all tech requirements.
  • cheat_killself destroys the user's Lab.
  • cheat_rank is a recognised command by the game, but with an unknown effect. The name suggests level ("rank") advancement, which is not the case. cheat_buildings may be used instead for a similar purpose.

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