The climate is the environment were a unit, usually an animal , use to live. It varies from cold arctic regions to hot savannahs.

Types of climatesEdit

Animals usually have one climate and no other. Some animals use to live in more than one climate, others can live in any climate possible.

Climate Animal(s)
Arctic Eagle, Grizzly Bear, Killer Whale, Lemming, Moose, Mountain Lion, Musk Ox, Polar Bear, Ram, Snowy Owl, Walrus, Wolf, Wolverine, Woolly Mammoth
Desert Armadillo, Camel, Coyote, Hyena, Kangaroo, Rattlesnake, Scorpion, Spitting Cobra, Vulture
Mountains Condor
Plains Bull, Coyote, Dragonfly, Eagle, Firefly, Grizzly Bear, Hornet, Horse, Praying Mantis, Raven, Shield Bug, Termite, Wasp
Savannah Baboon, Cheetah, ElephantGiant AnteaterGiraffe, Hippopotamus, Lioness, Rhinoceros, Termite, Wasp, Warthog, Zebra
Swamp Anaconda, Garfish, Giant Anteater
Tropical Anaconda, Archerfish, Baboon, Bat, Bombardier Beetle, Chameleon, Chimpanzee, Crocodile, Electric Eel, Gorilla, Hammerhead Shark, Hercules Beetle, Komodo Dragon, Panther, Piranha, Poison Frog, Porcupine, Tarantula, Tiger, Walking Stick
Varied Ant, Behemoth, Black Widow Spider, Cockroach, Dolphin, Garden Spider, Great White Shark, Lobster, Rat, Sperm Whale

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