This page is for any official DLCs or popular mods.

Official DLCsEdit

These are the downloads hosted on the official site and made by Relic and Microsoft games.

Trial versionEdit


If you really want to see what this game is like, but dont want to buy it, download a free trail version here and see what you think, the trial version includes:

1- The 3 first campaign missions.

2- 3 maps (out of 20)

3- 14 animals (out of the fifty animals available in the full version).

4- Relic tutorial.

5- Creature Combiner.


Impossible Creatures Update v1.1

The Impossible Creatures Update v1.1 adds a new mod selector screen, sound engine updates, better mod support, several gameplay balance changes and much more. To let anybody that attempts to download this program, if you try to install it, you must first chage the Compatibility to "Previous versions of Windows" in the Properties of the .msi file. After this, in will install, but if you run the game an error will appear saying: "the procedure entry point?GetName@Player@@QBEPBGXZ could not be located in the dynamic link library simengine.dll". Solution hasn't been found yet, so if you make it work we will be to happy if you let us know how did you managed to do it. Contact us through this email:




Possible banner replacement

Impossible Creatures

Gameplay Changes And AdittionsEdit

  • Henchmen Lab Morale - Henchmen now do more damage to other henchmen when in sight of their lab. This enables players to repel "Henchmen Rushes" early in the game.
  • Artillery and direct range units had an increase in coal cost (approx 10% increase). This brings Artillery and Direct-Range units closer in line, power-wise, with their intended roles in the counter system and with melee creatures.
  • Henchmen now do slightly more damage vs. creatures, permitting a slightly better chance of survival against early rushes.
  • Pure swimming units are now significantly less coal. Previously there was no real reason for a creature to be a pure swimmer rather than amphibious- the only difference in cost was the minor cost of the added limbs. Now, players can specialize their forces for water-heavy maps and make large masses of creatures to rule the seas for a fraction of the cost of their land-walking counterparts, lending more tactical variety to water maps.
  • Updated Main Menu screen with a MOD selection feature. Download Insect Invasion and try out the new creatures, maps, abilities, and tactical elements. There is a new Campaign menu that makes it easy to play user created campaigns.

Multiplayer Map PackEdit

Relic Entertainment has released its first official Multiplayer Map Pack for Impossible Creatures.

Please Note: You will need to ensure that you have installed the Impossible Creatures Update v1.1 in order to play these maps online with other players. In addition, there is no Microsoft Product Support available for the use or installation of these maps.

Maps includedEdit

Double Twisted Bill, the lone user-made map in the pack, is credited to Bill Brooks (aka Zoltron_Bill), an incredibly active member of the Impossible Creatures community and a very talented map maker.


Bonus AnimalsEdit

50 animals just aren't enough when you're trying to create the unstoppable force and crush every foe. You may not know that in your installation of Impossible Creatures are ten more animals waiting to join the recombinant pool. Download the 1.5 MB file, install it, and you'll have 20% more chromosomes to deploy in your next battle.

The Steam edition of this game already has Bonus Animals unlocked.


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Insect InvasionEdit

When you've played every map and every animal (and started to make a dent in the tens of thousands of possible combinations in your armies), you're ready for more. For absolutely no charge, you can download six free maps and 15 brand-new animals, which include several all-new combat abilities.


Please Note: You will need to install the Impossible Creatures Update v1.1 to activate this new mod. Also, if you previously installed the Insect Invasion Mod v1.0 you can run the small patch below to update your version of Insect Invasion rather than downloading and installing the full Insection Invasion Mod v1.4.


Note: Insect Invasion v1.4 can not be played in Multiplayer games against v1.0. Also, Insect Invasion v1.0 recorded games can not be viewed in v1.4

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Unofficial ModsEdit

Creature ChaosEdit

Creature Chaos

Creature Chaos 4.23

Creature Chaos is a free expansion mod for impossible creatures adding many new creatures and balance changes, it makes it possible to use the almost unlimited combonations online

The full version of creature chaos here  If you have downloaded the full version previously and it is not working, you currently need to add this  fixed DLL into your Impossible Creatures folder.

WARNING: As an administrator im supposed to check everything out, I havent checked this, download it at your own risk, and if you do and it works or it doesnt, please say so in this section of the page, you would be doing this wiki a favor and an even BIGGER favor if you found how to fix it (if it doesnt work) </p>

. the link given seems to be broken

  • Ring - 2 Player - Small size map.
  • 2Fort4 - 4 Player - Medium size map - Good for 2 vs. 2 team games
  • Rival Islands - 4 Player - Medium size map - Good for 2 vs. 2 team games.
  • Double Twisted Bill - 4 Player - Medium size map - Good for death-match and team games.
  • Shinwa - 6 Player - Medium size map - Good for all out death-match or team games.
  • however another mod (IC Unlimited) includes creature chaos with it



    Tellurian Symbol

    This mod adds 20 new animals and 8 new maps


    Tellurian Map Pack

    Copy and paste to: IC folder*\Data\scenarios\mp

    Tellurian Creature Pack

    copy and paste to Impossible creatures folder.

    for more information on the dev team click here  

    IC OnlineEdit


    IC icon

    It was a sad day for those of us in the impossible creatures community who slowly wacthed the IC servers die, eventualy they were shut down entirely, but one IC fan by the username of dengus has created a solution, all you have to do is start the game with this and log in to IC online, so you can show off all the cool new DLC you have, maybe youll even make a mod and add to the IC community? </li> </li> </li>

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