Dr. Chanikov's Lab
Dr. Chanikov's Lab
Type Structure
Hit Points Unknown
Buildable No
Dr. Chanikov's Lab is Eric Chanikov's workplace, where Sigma Technology could be developed and used for the first time, located in Isla Undisonus. It was the last place were Eric stayed before he was killed by Upton Julius.


A gray long-tall building with an anthena on the top and scrap metal pieces outside, apparently product of many experiments with the Sigma Technology. Inside there is broken capsules and a frozen Tigging Mantis, who appears to be the only experiment still remaining.


Entering the Lab is one of the objectives in Fathers and Sons and, in fact, you have to make Rex enter the structure to complete the mission. Once inside, Rex won't find his father, but instead he will find Neuro Toxin darts.

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