Electric Eel LevelIII
Electric Eel
Movement type Swimmer
Cost Coal Icon 49 Electricity Icon 115
Health 32
Defense 2
Speed Water: 36 km/h
Sight radius 25
Size 2
Melee damage

The Electrical Eel is an elongated, serpentine fish and one of the 600 diverse species. Of all of the electric fish species, this particular Eel is capable of delivering a devastating lightning attack to its targets. This shock is delivered at a distance, and renders this creature a powerful ranged unit. It inhabits shallow coastal waters throughout the world, but by combining it with ground animals, you can create a strong amphibious unit for your army. Not to be overlooked is the Eel's ability to deliver an intense electrical burst, covering everything within close proximity to it with a discharge of built-up electricity. Keep in mind that this causes enormous damage to friendly and enemy units and structures alike.

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