Fast Units are effective units for closing in and escaping from enemy creatures.


This is a triggered ability, which means it drains Endurance every time it is activated manually. A claw spiral drawing circle pattern will cover the unit as it will kill units and destroy structures faster. Frenzy requires at least 35% of a creature's maximum endurance to be used, and will consume 10% per second while active.


Frenzy is a Inherent ability that affects the entire body of the carrier.

Strategic ValueEdit

Because Frenzy multiplies a creature's base damage, it becomes more effective the higher the original stat is. It is perhaps best used by ranged creatures that are fighting alongside melee creatures; while the melee creatures engage the enemies and occupy their attention, their ranged allies can use Frenzy to deal more damage without suffering from its side effect of taking increased damage themselves.

Animals with FrenzyEdit

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