Fathers and Sons
Fathers and Sons
Characters Involved Rex Chance, Lucy Willing
Date June 13, 1937
Location Isla Undisonus
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Renewal Ship Wreck
Father and Sons is the the third mission on the Campaign of Impossible Creatures.


From the research diary of Dr. Lucy Willing, June 15th, 1937. Case Profile: Whitey Hooten.

According to my charts we're entering the territory of Whitey Hooten, one of Julius's right hand men. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but his brute strength and quick temper make a big impression on the men, keeping them in line and on schedule with Julius's plans. It doesn't hurt that he's practically a legend in these parts. He's famous for being a notorious whaler, chasing down the great white whale across the South Seas. I've heard stories of him breaking pack ice just by yelling at it, and catching whales with his bare hands. These can hardly be believed, but that doesn't make him any less dangerous.


Rex and Lucy land the Lab on Isla Undisonus to search for Dr. Chanikov, Rex's father. Near the landzone there is a village, where the Villagers warms them about two enemy Creature Chambers, to what Rex answers offering to help them in. The Villagers agree and send a scout to lead them.

After they destroy the Creature Chambers, capture Whitey's technology and defeat the Whitey Hooten's Goons on the island Rex finally go straight to the Lab and enters inside. When inside the Lab he find neurotoxin darts, but finds no signs of his father. Suddenly, he is enagaged by a Tigging Mantis.

With the creature dead and Whitey Hooten's Goons defeated, Rex calls Hooten through the radio and asks him about his fathers' whereabouts. He asnwers on a sarcastic way and tells Rex that will need a shovel to see his father, because he is buried nearby.


Bonus objectivesEdit

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