Herding is an ability that allows a unit to have a defensive bonus when at least near 3 units of the same specie.


When more than 3 units of the same specie that carry the same ability, get closer with each other, all units instanly are covered individualy with a blue force shield. This increases unit's defense, but it can be penetrated by the Horns ability and ranged attacks such as the Quill Throw of the Porcupine.


All animals the has Herding are ungulates, except the Gorilla, being the only primate, and the Warthog, being the only pig. It is and Inherent ability.

Strategic ValueEdit

Because Herding increases the defense of creatures, and therefore makes them more vulnerable to range damage, those that already have a high defense stat are probably better off without this ability.

On the other hand, Herding can help to improve creatures with low to mediocre defense, but it is recommended to build fairly large groups of creatures, because if grouping into four, only one of them would need to be killed to remove the force shield from the others. Creating larger groups makes this ability more reliable in combat.

Animals with HerdingEdit

  • Ram (Inherent)

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