High Endurance is an ability that allows a unit to regenerate its endurance faster, allowing certain special abilities that require endurance to be used more often. It also negates movement penalties that occur due to Stink Cloud, Poison, Sonic Attack and Soundbeam Towers.


When you use triggered abilities, you drain energy from the endurance bar and the ability does not gets available until you have tha amount of endurance required again. High Endurance shortens the amount of time you'll have to wait to use that ability again.

Units with this ability will also not be slowed down by Soundbeam Towers, Sonic Attack, Stink Cloud and Poison, but will still recieve the same amount of damage from them.


The ability is present in few animals and it will exlucisvely be carried on the Torso of the animals.

Strategic ValueEdit

High Endurance is most effective when used alongside powerful abilities such as Frenzy for offensive purposes, but can also create more strategically valuable creatures if they possess traits such as Sonar Pulse. Slower creatures will also find High Endurance useful when facing Soundbeam Towers or enemies with Sonic Attack.

Animals with High EnduranceEdit

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