Immunity is an ability that allows a unit to be immune to Plague, Poison, Poison Touch, and Stink Cloud. The unit is also immune to poison effects applied through attacks like Venom Spray


Any unit that possesses this ability is completely unaffected by those abilities the enemy uses when it is supposed to be. Units still take damage from attacks and abilities that are no within the ones Immunity works on.


Immunity affects most insects and fish animals. It may come with other ability or it may not and its inherent.

Strategic ValueEdit

Units with this ability will longer stand against enemies that uses those abilities that may slow them for a while and give advantage to it. For example, it increases the creatures´s chances of dealing with many enemy creatures using Stink Cloud by lauching a big smoke screen at your creatures.

Players would do well to have one or two Immune creatures in their army, or they will be vulnerable to opponents who use chemical-based abilities. Aside from being a perfect counter to them, creatures with Immunity can also be used to safely reveal camouflaged Defiled Land if the player does not have a creature with Keen Sense.

Animals with ImmunityEdit

  • Ant (Inherent)

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