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Impossible Creatures is a real-time strategy game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Microsoft Games. It was released in December 29, 2002. Relic released official expansions later on, that can be installed to add new features to the game

Nordic Games, released a version of the game for Steam on November 12th, 2015. It is optimized for modern computer systems and software. The game contains all expansion packs and patches released in the past. The IC Online servers are reimplemented through Steam's cloud service and the game's modding SDK are included in the package with the Mission Editor originally available within the game's files.

It consist in a fight between armies used are created by the Player. This army conisist of 9 creatures, which are the combination of two animals from a group enlisted in the game. The game includes an extensive Campaign mode, a Multiplayer mode,  and a Player VS Computer mode.

Plot Edit

Dr. Eric Chanikov, a smart scientist, participated on the weapon test that caused the Tungunska Event, his wife's death and the accidental exposition to the radiation to his son, Rex Chance, which gave him extrahuman abilities. By unknown causes, the explosion brought into existance the Sigma Technology, a method that makes possible to combined two animals to build a new creature.

Feeling the guilt of causing such alteration to the life of his son, he exiles himself to the Variatas Archipelago, away from society, and kept developing the Sigma Technology. Rex is sent with a trustee to live a normal life in America, where he grows up without knowing anything about the Tunguska Event and his abilities.

Believing he has many years left, Eric decides is time to see his son, explain what had happen to him, and beg for his forgiveness. He ask his friend and confidant Upton Julius to help him find Rex.

It is June 11, 1937. Rex recieve a letter from his father, who he believed was dead all those years, asking to visit him and telling that he wants his son to know the truth.

Rex goes to his father lab on Isla Undisonus, but he don't find him. Instead, he discovers a frozen creature. Suddenly, he is ambushed by Upton Julius' creatures, which force him to get out of the building, where he is surrounded by them. Upton Julius introduces himself and Rex ask him about his father, but he refuses to give any answer.

Lucy Willing arrives to the island, finds Rex defenseless, and shot the creatures, so he can manage to get to the train and  escape. At the same time, they question about what was just happening.

Main characters Edit


The Campaign consists in Rex and Lucy fight against Upton Julius and his men to prevent the use of the Sigma Technology to take over the world. You must build an army of combined creatures, to fight against Julius's armies built by him and his loyal men, with animals that Rex must hunt through every mission.

It consists on 15 missions:

Player vs ComputerEdit

In this game mode you will be able to create your own battle. It can set which map to play, choose an army, choose the opponent's army, the max. population, and other options. Some maps allow more than two players to join in the battle. 


It works similar to the Player vs Computer, but the battle can be set online from two different locations. Many players can join the battle.


Players' computer must be connected in the same network to be able to join a game together.

Internet TCPEdit

On Internet TCP you must type an IP address in order to join the host's game. And if you host a game, players must type your IP address in order to join your game.

IC OnlineEdit

You are able to log on in IC online servers, public servers for all to use. IC Online was dead for a long time due to Relic's abandonment of the game but Nordic Games brought it back in late 2015.

Army BuilderEdit

The Army Builder feature, allows you to make your own army of 9 creatures maximmun that can be stored in the slots (picture). The army can be saved. The "New Army" button  will clear the slots of any creature previously built and set them blank again.


Army Builder

The Army Builder displays the creatures image on these 9 slots(center).

In the Combiner, you will be able to choose which animals to combine it to build the new creature,  alternate between each animal's abilities and attacks, and adjust the resource cost.


Creatures previously created will be storaged automatically in the Zoo. You can make use of them anytime you want and add them to your army. This space will replace the older creationes with the newer if in runs out of space and will notify is there any name repeated twice.


There are 51 animals in the game. They must be gathered by Rex Chance as Genetic Samples for combining to build creatures in the Campaign; in Player vs. Computer these animals are already available. In the Impossible Creatures Demo only 14 of these animals are available to play with. These are the following:

Bonus AnimalsEdit

Insect InvasionEdit


Impossible Creatures official expansions were released until 2004, when the game popularity began to decrease. The official expansions are available for available download on the DLC and they come with the Steam Edition. These are the two official expansions:

  • Bonus Animals Unlocker
  • Impossible Creatures Insect Invasion

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