Insect Invasion is a MOD by Relic entertainment that was released in 2004, it allows the player access to new creatures; all insects, with the exception of the Anaconda, Condor, and the Giant Anteater,  new abilities and  new maps. In this MOD features the most powerful animal being the Behemoth.

New creatures Edit

New abilities Edit

New technology Edit

New maps Edit

  • Big Bog (6 players)
  • Delta Blues (6 players)
  • Football Pool (2 players)
  • Good Fences (4 players)
  • Ohkaye Bayou (4 players)
  • Wetlands (6 players)

New features Edit

  • Set rally point using right-click.
  • Henchmen can appear at any workshop when they have finished being built, if the structure has been right-clicked on with the Lab rally point. (See Unionised Workshops)
  • Coal can be converted to electricity and vice versa via the workshop. (See Resource conversion)
  • New JumboJyro crates allow multiple creatures and henchmen to cramed into one Gyrocopter crate. (See JumboJryo Crates)
  • Gyrocopter is now more expensive as a result.
  • Sound Beam tower gains the sonic boom ability, costs 1000 eletricity. (See Sonic Boom)
  • Anti-Air Tower recieves the Airburst function, costs 1000 eletricity. (See Air Burst)

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