Characters Involved Rex Chance, Lucy Willing
Date June 25, 1937
Location Isla Pario
Previous Next
Mouth of the Beast Proof
Invasion also called "The Sigma Chamber" isw the tenth mission of the campaign. This mission is a one-on-three mission.

It starts on June 25th 1937, later on the same day as Mission 9: Mouth of the Beast. Upton Julius lands on Isla Pario to warn Dr. Ganglion that Rex and Lucy will be following him to the island.

Still in the prologue, Rex and Lucy has just landed and decides to scout out the area, finding a factory on the northern center producing more mobile and developed versions of the same Lab Lucy has, deciding they need to destroy this factory. Julius is spying on them and orders four of his factories to prepare for attack.

The player will have to take out at least two of the enemy labs, probably three before advancing to the factory. The first two labs are down the trail, the third and fourth are to each of the directions of the crossroads.

If all the enemy labs are destroyed the only big threat left is the factory's soundbeam and Anti-air Towers and a few creatures.

Enemy UnitsEdit


  • Make your way to the train factory and destroy it.

Bonus ObjectivesEdit

  • There are 4 other enemy bases on the island. Destroy them all.
  • Collect the Ant.
  • Collect the Bull.

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