Isla Aduro
Isla Aduro
Type Island
Location Variatas Archipelago
Inhabitants Villagers and local fauna
Isla Aduro is an island that makes part of the Variatas Archipelago. It is part of the territory of the Velika's Outpost.


The island is pretty big. It has lakes and a river the comes from the ocean to the inside part. The southwest coast was burned by Velika's Outpost, which established in the island, but Rex and Lucy arrived at time to save the village within the area.


A dry savannah covers the island and the wheater is very hot. Due to the water is not cold anymore, it allows Rex and Lucy to swim on it.


There is a village in the middle of the island. Also Velika´s forces established in major part of it.


The island is home of the Northern Villagers, which established on the inside area next to the river. Velika's Outpost present has caused them to have difficulties to live in their own land. Animals found on Isla Aduro

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