Isla Exsilium
Isla Exsilium
Type Island
Location Varietas Archipelago
Inhabitants Southern Villager and local animals
Isla Exsilium is an island that makes part of the Variatas Archipelago. The North part of the island was occupied by Whitey Hooten's Goons.


Two small islands, very closed to each other, form Isla Exsilium. During the night, water in the center region between both freezes, joining them together and creating a connection between them. This natural brigde was taken as advantage by Whitey Hooten's Goons, which used it to send their creatures to the South of island.


A extreme cold weather with ice and snow covers the island. Freezing pools create when the temperature drops too low. As all islands on the South part of the Varietas Chain, Rex and Lucy refused to swim in their waters.


There is a small village on the west side and a large village on the top of the mountains of the island. There is also a fuel depot in the north.


The island is populated by the Southern Villager that settled its igloos on it. They use heavy clothes to manage to keep them warm in order to survive. It also makes home for few animals adapted to cold and ice.

Animals found on Isla Exsilium

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