Isla Glacialis
Isla Glacialis
Type Island
Location Variatas Archipelago
Inhabitants Southern Villager and local animals
Isla Glacialis is an island that makes part of the Variatas Archipelago. It is the base island of Whitey Hooten.


It's terrain is like Isla Undisonus, but with much bigger mass. Unlike the other artic islands, it has tiny shores on the North and South sides.


Like all southern islands on the chain, it has a extreme cold with ice and snow covering the entire island. A glacier divides the West side and the East side of the island.


The island has lack presence of Southern Villagers. Maybe because of Whitey Hooten's presence on the island, they were forced to leave and establish between Isla Exsilium and Isla Undisonus.

Animals found on Isla GlacialisEdit

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