The letter from Eric Chanikov to Rex Chance was written by Dr. Eric Chanikov to his son Rex, found by Upton Julius moments before his death. In this letter he tells Rex to go to the island, where Eric is, to explain the relationship between the Sigma Technology and him.

The letterEdit

The letter is sent to Rex, who receives it believing his father was death. Eric asked Upton to search for his lost son. Eric was feeling deep inside that his years are getting over and that before his death come, he must explain what happened to Rex during the explosion in the Tunguska Envent, where his wife also died. The letter says the following:

"My son, at last I've found you. I've been on this islands for years, working on exile. To protect you and myself, but I'm growing old. I'm sure I have many years left, but I don't want to take any chances. I want to look on the face of my son before it's too late. Upton Julius, the man who saved my life and has been my confidant all these years, found you at my request. I want you to know the truth."

Your father, Dr. Eric Chanikov.

Influence over RexEdit

Rex was so impressed to receive this letter from his father, who he though was death years ago. He inmediatly traveled to Variatas Archipelago only to find what Upton Julius did to his father and his life dedicated research, now turned into a devastating weapon. There he mets Lucy Willing, a friend of his father, and both start to face Julius incoming army.

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