Mouth of the Beast
Characters Involved Rex Chance, Lucy Willing, Otis Ganglion
Date June 25, 1937
Location Isla Perculsus
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The Wicked Sky Witch Invasion
Mouth of the Beast is the ninth mission of the Campaign.

It starts on June 25th 1937 when Rex and Lucy flies past Isla Perculsus and is attacked by three eel-whales. The Lab crashes on the island.

The player will have to build up their defences quickly as they will be swarmed by enemy units trying to destroy the lab. After protecting it for about 10 minuttes the Lab will be fully repared and the team will relocate to the north-west corner, all the other buildings will still be usable.

Now that the Lab has relocated, the enemy won't know where it is, if they are able to bring their units close to the player's base they will be swarmed by creatures, so keeping them at some distance will be wise.

The player will now need to either destroy four different Electrical Generators set around seperately on the island or destroy the enemy lab.

Enemy unitsEdit


  • Defend the lab until it can be relocated.
  • Destroy enemy lab or 4 electrical generators.

Bonus ObjectivesEdit

  • Collect the Vulture.
  • Collect the Scorpion.
  • Collect the Electric Eel.

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