The Movement Type is the type of movement a unit uses. It can be by land, air or water. Amphibious are capable of use water and land movement.

Types of MovementEdit


Swimmer units will move in water, and at the moment they reach land they will stop. If they are ordered to go somewhere and they find land in the middle of the way they will stop or look for a water alternate route. In its factions table the blue symbol representing water Speed will be displayed.


Ground units move in ground. If they are ordered to go somewhere and found a lake or sea shore on the way, they will stop or try to move in the surroundings of it. Nevertheless, if they encounter a mountain in the middle of the way, they won´t be able to cross it. In its factions table the green symbol representing ground Speed will be displayed.


Flyer  units will fly in the air and will ignore all terrain. They will cross miles of land, mountains, lakes or seas to reach their current given location. In its factions table the orange symbol representing air Speed will be displayed.


Amphibious will use two types of movement: water and land. They will move on the ground and swim in the water if neccesary to reach their given location. Sometimes they might be faster in the water than in land or vice versa. In its factions table the orange and blue symbol representing air and water Speed will be displayed.

Creature BuildingEdit

In the Creature Combiner, the Player can set the Movement Type the its new creature by giving it the right parts that will allow that type of movement. This allows the Player to decide what type of movement the creature will have. 

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