Poison Touch is an ability that allows a unit to use Poison when touched by another unit.


It basically works like an ability inside another. If a standing unit is attacked by an enemy. The enemy will be affected by the Poison ability with no attack move required, just by the simple fact of touching it.


Poison Touch is present only in few reptiles. The part where it takes place is the tail of the animall.

Startegic ValueEdit

Poison Touch is useful if the regular Poison ability would prevent a creature from having more useful traits. It works best for ranged units, which are often weak in melee combat; if their targets come within melee range of them, Poison Touch will improve their chances of surviving wether they fight or flee. It is also the only way melee units can damage flying enemies except through abilities like Electric Burst.

Animals with Poison TouchEdit

Komodo Dragon (Tail)

Poison Frog (Tail)

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