Praying Mantis LevelII
Praying Mantis
Movement type Ground
Cost Coal Icon 57 Electricity Icon 45
Health 27
Defense 4
Speed Land: 24 km/h
Sight radius 15
Size 1
Melee damage

The Praying Mantis is a long, slender winged insect common in warm, temperate, and tropical regions throughout the world. These insects are renowned for sitting back on their rear appendages and holding their stout front pair of appendages together in an attitude reminiscent of prayer. Don't be fooled by this saint-like appearance. They are actually patiently awaiting an unfortunate insect to constitute their next tasty meal. Mantises are the only insects that can turn their heads from side to side. Their front legs are equipped with sharp spines that enable the insect to grasp and hold their prey.

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