Regeneration is an ability that allows a unit to heal itself.


When a unit receives damage, it will constantly restore its health unti filled completely.The creature's Research Level determines how many points it recovers per second;

  • Research Level 1 and 2 units heal 1.25 points.
  • Research Level 3 units heal 1.5 points.
  • Research Level 4 units heal 1.75 points.
  • Research Level 5 units heal 2 points.


Regeneration is an ability that is not adquired by an specific classification of animals. It comes with animals that have an exoskeleton, which they often molt, or reptiles like lizards or snakes. The only crustacean, the Lobster, have this ability. Rex Chance is the only human that have this ability due to his Sigma Technology exposition.

Strategic ValueEdit

Regeneration is generally not enough to improve a creature's survivability in combat, but is very useful between battles; creatures will be to recover some lost hit points then, meaning they can be used again for another fight if given enough time. It also partially counter-balances the gradual damage of effects like Poison, giving creatures a better chance of surviving until the condition wears off.

Animals with RegenerationEdit

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