Characters Involved Rex Chance, Lucy Willing
Date June 12, 1937
Location Isla Exsilium
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Exile Fathers and Sons
Renewal is the second mission on the Campaign of Impossible Creatures.


From the journal of Rex Chance, June 13th, 1937:

It's only been a day since I've arrived on this island, but it feels like a week. I haven't slep at all, but somehow I'm not feeling tired. Lucy and I have been working around the clock trying to repair the hovercraft. This thing is practically held together with chewing gum and baling wire. With each repair causing two more problems. But our biggest tissue is fuel. There's a depot on the next island, but it's also a fairly obvious place for us to walk into an ambush. 


Rex and Lucy are trapped in the island without fuel to get the lab off the ground. Facing attacks of Whitey Hooten´s Goons, Rex and his creatures go to the fuel depot to get fuel.

Upon arrival, one of Whitey Hooten's henchman surrender at Rex's powerful creatures and offers himself to carry the fuel to the Lab. With the lab refueled, it takes off.

They arrive at the fuel depot, where they face more opposition and realizing that they most destroy the enemy outpost set on the island. Once destroyed they take off the lab and head back to Dr. Chanikov's Lab.


  • Get Rex to the fuel depot.
  • Take Rex and the henchman back to the Lab and deliver the fuel.
  • Use Lucy to capture the Genetic Amplifier technology.
  • Destroy the enemy base.

Bonus ObjectivesEdit

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