The Research Level is the overall rating of how powerful your units and structures are. In the game, each research level takes time to develop once you are in the game.


In consist in 5 levels, and each one will allow you to build more powerful units, stuctures and technology. In order to reach a high level, you must have already upgraded to the previous level of the one you want to upgrade. You gain advantage upon those whose level are inferior. These levels consist on researches that are donde exclusively at the lab. All other players are informed when someone has advanced a level.

Unlockable FeaturesEdit

Research Level I II III IV V
Animals AntCoyoteLemmingSkunkRatWolfZebra

ArcherfishBaboonBombardier BeetleCamelChameleonCheetahChimpanzeeGarfishGiraffeHammerhead SharkHyenaLobster,  Mountain LionPiranhaPorcupinePraying MantisShield BugTarantulaTermiteWalking Stick

ArmadilloBatBullDolphinDragonflyEagleElectric EelFireflyGarden SpiderGorillaGrizzly BearHercules BeetleHornetHorseKangarooKiller WhaleKomodo DragonLionessMusk OxPantherPoison FrogPolar BearRamRattlesnakeRavenScorpionSnowy OwlSpitting CobraVultureWarthogWaspWolverine

AnacondaBlack WidowCockroachCondorCrocodileGiant AnteaterGreat White SharkHippopotamusRhinocerosTigerWalrus

BehemothElephantMooseSnapping TurtleSperm WhaleWoolly Mammoth

Structures Bramble FenceCreature ChamberElectrical GeneratorLightning RodSoundbeam TowerWorkshop Genetic Amplifier, Water Chamber Air Chamber
Abilities Digging, High Endurance, Keen Sense, Plague, Stink Cloud Barrier Destroy, Camouflage, Deflection Armour, Disorientating Barbs, Frenzy, Leap Attack, Infestation, Quill Burst, Swimming Assasinate, Charge Attack, Electric Burst, Flash, Flight, Horns, Hovering, Poison, Poison Touch, Sonar Pulse, Web Throwing Defile Land, Loner, Tail Swipe
Meele Attacks Bite, Leg Attack Claws, Grapple, Kick, Pincers, Pummel, Tail Strike Crush, Gore, Peck, Talons, Sting, Swipe, Swoop Attack Constriction
Range Attacks Chemical Spray, Tongue Attack, Quill Throw, Rock Artillery, Water Artillery Lightning Attack, Sonic Attack, Venom Spray

Resource costs Edit

Stats for IC 1.0–1.1
Research Level Resource cost Research time
LevelII Coal Icon 200 Electricity Icon 300 240 ticks
LevelIII Coal Icon 300 Electricity Icon 650 320 ticks
LevelIV Coal Icon 500 Electricity Icon 1,000 400 ticks
LevelV Coal Icon 700 Electricity Icon 1,400 480 ticks

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