Scorpion LevelI
Movement type Ground
Cost Coal Icon 75 Electricity Icon 75
Health 35
Defense 68
Speed Land: 18 km/h
Sight radius 15
Size 1
Melee damage

The Scorpion is an arachnid with a flat, narrow body, two lobster like claws, eight legs, and a segmented abdominal tail. Terminating in a venomous stinger supplied by a pair of poison glands, the tail is usually curved upward and forward over the back. Found in warm and dry tropical regions, including the southwestern United States, the scorpion is nocturnal and feeds mainly on spiders an insects. The young are born live and remain with the mother for a short period. When capturing a victim with its claws, the scorpion inflicts a disabling sting with its tail. The Scorpion tail delivers a lethal poison attack and its claws are extremely efficient at barrier destruction.