Ship Wreck
Ship Wreck
Characters Involved Rex Chance, Lucy Willing, Whitey Hooten
Date June 14, 1937
Location Isla Glacialis
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Fathers and Sons Trial by Fire
Ship Wreck is the fourth mission on the Campaign of Impossible Creatures.


From the journal of Rex Chance, June 15th, 1937.

Had a strange dream last night. Incredibly vivid. Could've sowrn I was there. Running through the woods. Everywhere I looked, I saw what I expected to see, only not in the way I expected to see it. It feel as though I could sense everything, down to the tiniest blade of glass. I was aware of everything...including and overwhelming sadness.


Rex and Lucy just arrived on Whitey Hooten's island, Isla Glacialis with intentions of destroying him. They meet another one of the Villagers which mockingly warns them of Hooten.

They first destroy Whitey's army at the West side of the island, which make Whitey to shouts of anger and causes an avalanche due to the loud noise.

The path to the East side of the island, where Whitey's Lab is settled, is now clear for Rex and Lucy to attack him directly and sink his Lab with him inside.


Bonus ObjectivesEdit

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