Stink Cloud is an ability that allows a unit to create a short-lived stink cloud that stunts enemy units and makes all units within the cloud immune to ranged and artillery attacks.


This ability is triggered. Once activated, the units will unleash a cloud of yellow smoke that will expand until a certain radius. Any enemy units caught in this noxious gas will be significantly slowed down and will be unable to use ranged or artillery attacks for as long as it lasts. Also, any units within the Stink Cloud cannot be struck by ranged or artillery attacks from outside it. This ability does not affect air units or units with Immunity or High Endurance.

The creature must also have enough endurance, which will be depleted upon using this ability. It can be upgraded to cover an area 25% larger than usual.


It is present in two animals: the Skunk and the Shield Bug. The Tail is needed in order to adquired this ability.

Strategic ValueEdit

Stink Cloud is usually only seen in the lower research levels. This is because the Skunk's stats are poor, and when the Shield Bug is used in combinations the other creature's tail is generally more useful. However, it can serve as a decent counter to the Porcupine and Poison Frog's attacks, which are also commonly seen early in the game.

Animals with Stink CloudEdit

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