The Good Doctor
Characters Involved Rex Chance, Lucy Willing, Otis Ganglion
Date June 29, 1937
Location Isla Fervesco
Previous Next
Proof The Gate
The Good Doctor, also called "A Real Sick Twist" is the twelfth mission of the Campaign.

June 29th 1937, Rex and Lucy land on Isla Fervesco aiming to put a stop to Dr. Ganglion's production.

The player simply needs to destroy the enemy Lab. This lab is located on the top of a mountain with only one passage up and down. This means the player can lock the enemy up there if they destroy all their structures beneath the mountain.

In the Epilogue Rex and Lucy finds Dr. Gangilion. While they're busy deciding what to do with Ganglion, a huge Gorilla sneaks up on them, grabs Lucy and runs away with her. Rex then decides to keep Ganglion so he can show the way.

Enemy UnitsEdit


  • Destroy Ganglion's Base.

Bonus ObjectivesEdit

  • Collect the Tiger.
  • Collect the Camel.
  • Collect the Poison Frog.
  • Collect the Rat.

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