The Island of the Crazies
Characters Involved Rex Chance, Otis Ganglion
Date July 2nd, 1937
Location Isla Inasnum
Previous Next
The Gate Seeds Sown
This Island of the Crazies also called "The Long Lost Letter" is the 14th mission of the Campaign. Due to an airborne virus on the island during this mission the player's units will become neutral after some time and after a little longer they'll become hostile. To make matters worse Rex is also infected and will turn after 15 minuttes unless he gets himself to the antidote chamber.

The mission starts on July 2nd 1937 as Rex and Dr. Ganglion has landed on Isla Inasnum. The two are talking about the letter from the previous epilogue. Ganglion reveals that Upton Julius wants to take over the world to save america from facists and communists and that Lucy is most likely here as it is an island for failed experiments. And finally he tells him abou the virus that will also affect Rex due to his combined nature.

From the start of the mission, the player will have 15 minuttes to get rex to the center of the map. As the player's units will slowly turn the player should constantly progress and constantly reproduce. The site will be surrounded by both Anti-Air Towers, Soundbeam Towers and Creature Chambers a swell as various enemy creatures.

When the site is reached, the player will nead to destroy the antidote chamber and get rex there. In order to stop the player's creatures from going mad the player will need to get them to the destroyed chamber as well. It would be a wise move to build a creature chamber in the antidote puddle.

When this objective is done the player will no longer be in a hurry to advance.

The enemy still has a base on the entire southern part of the island. If the player establishes a base by the antidote chamber the enemy will attack with ground units from the west and air units from the east.

The enemy's lab is in the southeastern corner of the island.

Enemy UnitsEdit


  • Destroy the antidote chamber. Get Rex to the antidote site within 15 minutes. Creatures must be cured at the site to be immune.
  • Destroy the enemy lab.

Bonus ObjectivesEdit

  • Collect the Sperm Whale.
  • Collect the Elephant.
  • Collect the Great White Shark.

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