The Wicked Sky Witch
Characters Involved Rex Chance, Lucy Willing, Velika La Pette
Date Unknown
Location Unknown
Previous Next
A Friend in Need Mouth of the Beast

The Wicked Sky Witch is the eighth mission of the Campaign. This is a one-on-three mission.

The mission starts with Velika telling two of her henchmen to prepare for an attack before she sends out some eagle-chimp scouts to look for Rex and Lucy.

Rex and Lucy land on the island hoping to finally put a stop to Velika and her evil. Right at the start some of the eagle-chimp scouts will find the base one-by-one, the player will have to kill them before they return to their base to inform Velika. After a few minutes there will be no more scouts, but Velika will find them herself and then tell her henchmen to prepare to attack.

Both the henchmen will make a regular attack, both by land and water. The player will need to destroy at least one of the two brothers in order to reach Velika. When one of them is destroyed, the other one will act more offensive.

When Velika's base is destroyed, the epilogue shows her trying to escape, but the gyrocopter malfunctions and crashes.


  • Destroy Velika's Base.

Bonus ObjectivesEdit

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