Trial by Fire
Trial by Fire
Characters Involved Rex Chance, Lucy Willing
Date June 18, 1937
Location Isla Aduro
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Ship Wreck Flying Machines
Trial by Fire is the fifth mission on the Campaign of Impossible Creatures.


Upton Julius transmitting to Velika La Pette. We have lost all contact with Whitey Hooten. I know you must be overwhelmed with grief given your affections for him, but if you can manage to pull yourself together I have a job for you. I need you to capture Chanikov's son. He will be coming from the south, and has that upstart Dr. Willing with him. Do not underestimate him. He has proven himself to be quite resourceful. He must be captured! He is the key to everything!


Rex and Lucy land on a more tropical island called Isla Aduro, north of the chain, as a stopover on the way to Upton Julius.

Velika La Pette immediately arrives in her helicopter to tease her opponents. When she leaves a Villager then comes telling them the forest is on fire and that they're village is in danger.

Rex go to the village where they will give him Archerfish to make a creature that can spit water to put out the fire. When the fire around the village is put out the villagers will reward Rex and Lucy with a Dragonfly. They now need to put out the fire near his own base. 

Once the fire is out, Velika's Outpost attack with an army of creatures. Lucy gathers more technology inside the enemy base as the battle advances to finally destroy the enemy Lab.


  • Send Rex to the village to ask for help.
  • Build creatures with the Archerfish Water Artillery ability and use them to put out the fire.
  • Put out the fire on the plateau around the village before all the huts burn down.
  • Find and destroy the enemy lab on the island.
  • Get Lucy to gather technology from the Air Chamber.
  • Get Lucy to gather technology from Bramble Fences.
  • Get Lucy to gather technology from the Anti-Air Towers.

Bonus ObjectivesEdit

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