A unit is any living form available for use into battle within the game. They can be controlled or not and has a executable functions. Their are used for perfoming specific tasks that are different according to the type of unit.


To be a unit a living being most not be unique, this means it most be many of them available and most make the role of a soldier in battle between opposite sides units. 


Units can be selected and ordered to perform actions. Non-controllable units can only be selected and only his information can be accessed, although with some restriction, but you can´t make them move or perform any task. They are in the game for display only, as is the case of villagers and enemy units.


Units can be built by the use of an specific structure. Building a unit will make use of resources; coal and electricity as a cost. The more of resources you get, the more units you can build. Units that cannot be built by some way are usually characters of the campaign on your side or enemy units. Non-Controllable units are also included. Units on your side may be controllable and have special tasks common units don't have, that it can perform.

Unit Structure(s) Required
Henchman Lab
Creature Air  ChamberCreature Chamber, Water Chamber

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