Variatas Archipelago
Variatas Archipelago
Type Archipelago
Location Pacific Ocean, West of Costa Rica
Inhabitants Humans, Animals, Creatures
The Variatas Archipelago, also known as Variatas Chain or Isla Variatas, is a group of islands located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, at the West side of Costa Rica. It have around 15 islands and was owned by Upton Julius until his death. The islands were occupied by Upton's allies, which set up their bases on several islands. The entire chain was used for researches on the Sigma Technology, until the death of Eric Chanikov, when it started to by Julius to work on his large scale domination over the world using it.


The chain appears to have different kinds of climates such as savannahs, deserts, tundras, rainforests and tropical forests. Every island seems to have his own weather. South of the archipelago is cold and it gets warmer when climbing up to the north.


There are 13 islands known in the chain, but it seems there are actually more islands that may had not been used by Upton Julius and Eric Chanikov or neither explored yet.  Some islands name and location were kept in secret by Upton Julius and his collaborators, which might be the case of the island were Velika La Pette's Lab is located. The following islands already explored are:


The islands is home for a lot of animal species that live in the different biomes. There are communities of people native from the islands that are settled across. They are known as Villagers.

With Chanikov and Julius arrival the islands brought home  for the creatures that were created during the development on the Sigma Technology and Julius' manufacturing of his large army.

After Dr. Chanikov death, Upton Julius started to go forward with his plan to dominate the world and began to control the entire archipelago with help of his trustees Whitey Hooten, Dr. Otis Ganglion and Velika La Pette.

Each of them controlled a certain region of the archipelago and deployed their armies on each. This caused several problems to the native inhabitants, cause the creatures once released started to damage evrything that got on their way.

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