Southern-Northern Villager
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Health Unknown
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Villagers are neutral units, found on most of the early missions of the Campaign, that live all accross Variatas Archipelago and are native from each islands. There are two kinds of villagers, being one from the South and the other from the North of the island chain. 


They are people native of the Variatas Archipelago that have settled in them and live in huts(North) or igloos(South) ruled by their own hierarchy. They sometimes paint their hair, which is the case of northern villagers. All of them had been establish into tribes on each island with well established communication with each other across the entire archipelago, and some of them seem to be relatives. They usually remain neutral instead of taking any attacking initiative, although some of them had been seen carrying spears.

Northern villagerEdit

The northern villagers have black skin and live in savannah's forests and grassland. They dress with a yellow robe and have their hair all red colored. They live in huts that are usually grouped together around a big shelter called Savannah Temple.

Southern villagerEdit

The southern villagers have white skin and live exclusively in the artic regions of Varietas Archipelago. They are heavily coated with fur jackets and wear big boots and use spears to defend themselves against threats. To live, they have made igloos with totems statues outside spread all over the settling area.

Strategic ValueEdit

For many times, they need protection or help dealing with Julius' right-hands and their beasts. If helped correctly sometimes they might offer some help and rewards in return. This rewards are new animals that they've hunted, so it can be used to make new combinations to build creatures.

Animals owned by villagersEdit