Whitey Hooten
Whitey Hooten
Occupation Whale Hunter







Variatas Island

Whitey Hooten is a character from Impossible Creatures. He was one of Upton Julius 's right-hand men, but before he was a whale hunter. 


Before coming meeting Upton Julius, Whitey was a ferocious whale hunter, with his greatest ambition being to catch the great white whale of the South Seas, a Sperm Whale. Whitey also struck rumors of him breaking glaciers by shouting at them and catching whales with his bare hands.

Working for Upton JuliusEdit

Julius hired him as one of his right hands to keep the henchmen disciplined. Whitey and his army was controlling the artic region, which consists in Isla Exsilium, Isla Undisonus and Isla GlacialisHis lab was located in the northeast part of Isla GlacialisWhen Eric Chanikov told Upton Julius about his son, Rex, and asked to find him, Julius thought it will be an opportunity for his plan to take over the world. He and Whitey took part in the conspiration made to kill Dr. Chanikov, father of Rex Chance, in order to capture Rex once he has arrived to look for his father.

Hunt for Rex and LucyEdit

Rex arrived to his father's Lab on June 11, 1937 and looked for his father inside it, but he found nothing in there. Upton tried to capture him with his creatures. But, Lucy arrived and helped him to escape with her. Whitey Hooten was in charge of capturing the two moving on their Lab through his territory. Whitey battled them across his islands until their creatures defeated his. After Rex exit his father's Lab to make without finding anybody, he confronts Hooten on the radio about his father's whereabaouts, to what he asnwers with the truth: that Dr. Chanikov is dead.

Death Edit

Rex reach Isla Glacialis with the help of Lucy to finally destroy Whitey's Lab, their army defeated his on the west part of the island. This made Whitey Hooten shout of anger, causing an avalanche that cleared the path straight to Whitey's Lab. The creatures move on defeating his forces and installations, and sunk the icebreaker-lab with Hooten inside, killing him in the process.


He is a big-tall man with shaved head and wearing a white coat and glooves. Whitey Hooten has no respect for those below him, regularly abusing his Henchmen and severely punishing them for failing to meet deadlines. He does, however, recognise that Julius is his superior. He is easily angered by both his own side and his enemies, yelling obscene insults at and threatening Rex and Lucy just for entering his territory. Although Whitey is not particularly clever, he does possess some knowledge of battle strategies.

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